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How Your Gutters Can Help (or Hurt) The Lifespan of Your Roofing

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Gutters play a larger role in the lifespan of your roof than you may think. Despite the common belief, a roof is not made to drain water, but to send water to a gutter system. The gutters are responsible for directing water into a downspout. A roof alone, no matter how high the pitch, cannot deflect the amount of water needed to protect itself from water damage.

Gutters are essential – and with a little knowledge about how to maintain them, you can help extend your roof’s lifespan by many years.

Have a Gutter Maintenance Plan

Just having a proper gutter system installed isn’t enough to ensure a lasting roof. Faulty gutters can cause extensive damage to a roof if not caught in time. At minimum, you should clean and inspect your gutters at least once a year. (This recommendation has many variables, of course. If you live in a heavily wooded area, you may need to clean them more often due to limbs and leaves getting into the gutters and causing build up.) To clean your gutters, grab a ladder, a shovel, gloves, and a bucket. Get as much debris out of the gutters as you can! It is important to have a plan in place that makes sense for your particular environment and needs.

If you find damage to your gutters, call your contractor immediately. Any flaws in the gutter system can cause water to pool on your roof. This could be detrimental to the validity of your roofing materials. The sooner you get things fixed, the less hassle and money you will spend in the end.

Get a Correct Installation

Properly installed gutters help your roof drain and are essential to extending its lifespan. Only a certified gutter professional can ensure that you are getting a proper installation. Faulty installation can cost your wallet and home exponentially. If your gutters are not properly installed or are in need of repair, water will start to settle on your roof. This extended period of water collection will eventually cause wear to your roofing materials. This could lead to leaking and water damage inside of your home.

Don’t let this happen to you. You should repair or replace gutters as needed. There are many types of gutters to choose from and a professional contractor can lay out the appropriate options for your home. If you are noticing bends, breaks, and joints out of place, it’s time to call a professional.

Hire a Professional

At RoofPro, we offer more than just roofing repair and replacement services – we are also certified in gutter systems. We can complete this service as part of a roofing replacement or as a stand-alone service. We also provide gutter cleaning and gutter protection services to our clients. If you are unable to clean and maintain your gutter as recommended, we would love to help. We also offer LeakSolution, the pioneer of the micro-mesh gutter guard industry, to filter and block everything but water from going into your gutter system. With this option, you don’t need to worry about damage from clogged gutters.

If any of these solutions sound interesting to you, let’s chat soon! Contact us today for a free estimate on a gutter replacement or repair.

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