How to Identify Storm Damage for a Roof Repair

Things To Look For In Your Diy Storm Damage Inspection

If a large storm has come through your area you might be wanting to inspect your home for damage. You might be wondering if you have sufficient damage to place a claim to your insurance company.

6 Things to Look For When Inspecting For Storm Damage


1. Hail Damage to Shingles

You can tell there is hail damage if you see small dark spots across the surface of your roof. These spots occur because the hail will dislodge the granules exposing the asphalt on your shingles. The hail will dent or puncture the shingle, which can cause rapid aging of your roof or an instant leak. It is possible though that the spots are small and can not be seen unless walking on the roof. Only in severe cases is the damage visible from the ground. But even if you can’t see the damage from the ground, it’s still possible that you qualify for a claim.

Hail Damage to Shingles

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2. Missing shingles

For the most part, missing shingles are easy to spot from the ground. You’ll either notice spots on your roof where shingles are missing or shingles laying in your yard. But some in cases, shingles will be dislodged from the roof but still laying in the same location because the wind was only able to pull half of the shingle off. As you get closer to the shingles you can notice the difference and even pick them up to check.

Missing shingles

3. Bent shingles

Bent shingles are more difficult to notice from the ground. It’s not until you are standing close to the single that you will notice a crease along the shingle. This is due to the wind blowing loose the front end of the shingle while the back end is still attached. If part of the shingle is loose in this way, it’s only a matter of time before the wind catches the shingle and takes the whole shingle and possibly the surrounding ones and rips them off your roof.

Bent shingles

4. Siding

Wind and hail can both cause damage to your siding. In the case of hail, the damage to siding is going to be spread out across your house with many points of impact. Vinyl siding will typically break, causing small holes to be spread out across your home, which should be fairly easy to identify. With aluminum siding, you will notice dents across the surface. You might need to stand at an angle to the aluminum siding to notice the dents. In the case of wind damage where entire pieces of siding are blown off, be sure to inspect all the areas of siding because some houses have parts of their siding that are difficult to see from the ground. So walk all around your house as need to make sure nothing is missed.


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5. Hail spatter

There are a few indicators around your home that will help you discern if there was a hail storm, which would then give reason to have your home and roof inspected. Softer hailstones leave distinctive marks called “spatter,” which can be seen on items around your home such as the electrical panel or fence. These indicators will help inform you of the direction of the hail and wind, which will become helpful information when inspecting your roof. But even without these indicators, there is still the possibility of storm damage. Hail spatter is only one of several indicators.

Hail spatter

6. Gutter

When you look at your gutters, you’ll be watching for dents made by hail falling from above or blown from a particular direction. Hail striking the bottom of the gutter will create downward indentations. Gutters vary in strength so depending on the material used, you may not see any damage. It’s possible to have damage to your shingles but for your gutters to be fine.


Important Roof Repair Consideration

Not every roofing company understands insurance companies or what would qualify you to place a claim. If your home has suffered storm damage and a roofer without insurance experience inspects your roof, chance are they will just propose a repair. But you could qualify for filing a claim, which will benefit you in the long run to make sure you get the best value for your time and money. If your roof was susceptible to a mild storm, there is a good chance it’s nearing the end of its life. It’s beneficial to at least consider all the options available to you as the homeowner.

storm damage estimate

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