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Maryland Roofs: How to Protect Against Anything from Blizzards to Hurricanes

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Maryland is known for bitterly cold winters and humid summers. Blizzards and hurricanes aren’t uncommon. Oftentimes the roof of your home or business will bear the brunt of the damage and cost when severe weather strikes. Hurricane season begins June 1 in Maryland, so it is important that you have a plan in place now to protect your property from the most volatile of weather situations.

Prepare for the Worst

No two roofs are alike. The design of your roof and the materials you choose are something to consider when deciding how to prepare for Maryland’s diverse climate. Severe winds, hail, falling trees and debris, and heavy rains can do a number on your home. Metal, aluminum, and steel roofing are all good options for this type of exposure. Not only are these optimal choices for heavy rains, this roofing material also helps to cool a home rapidly during the hot summer months. According the Federal Emergency Management Agency, retrofitting your home is imperative. A certified contractor can secure soffits and sheathings, protect roof vents, and can also work with you to develop a loading path to distribute weight from snow or debris.

For customers in Baltimore and Howard Counties, the RoofPro team is certified in preparing homes and businesses to withstand wind, rain, and snow. We can even work with you to develop a strategy for hurricane damage, as well as a snow removal plan.

Annual Roof Inspection

It is imperative that you have a plan in place to safeguard your home or business from the elements. Yearly inspections are the best way to ensure that your roof withstands hurricane-force winds or weight from heavy snowfall. These inspections should be a cornerstone of your property’s mitigation plan. When a roofing professional visits your home or business, they will be able test several areas on the structure and can tell you where vulnerabilities may cause issues. During a RoofPro inspection, we evaluate your roof, attic, flashing, and other roofing components and provide you with a full report with photos and detailed descriptions. We give you all of the details you need in order to make an informed decision regarding roofing repair and replacement.

Do the Repairs

One of the major ways to protect your home from the intense Maryland climate, regardless of roofing design, is to make repairs as soon as they are needed. If you notice a leak on your own or are notified of one during your annual inspection, it is better to fix the issue sooner rather than later. The longer you have a leak, the more damage it can do. Heavy rainfall, hail damage, or a blizzard will only exacerbate pre-existing issues.

Find a Professional

If you need help making weather plans for your home or business, the certified roofers at RoofPro are happy to help. We offer free estimates to Washington, Baltimore, and Howard County areas. Give us a call today to schedule your inspection. You will receive a weather plan that can protect your home against blizzards, hurricanes, and everything in between.

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