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10 Reasons Not to Attempt a DIY Roof Replacement

Leave It To The Pros

Your DIY Roof Replacement could be More Problematic than You Know

As the seasons turn, it’s not uncommon to notice issues on your roof like a missing shingle or a slow leak in your attic. You might think that the idea to replace your own roof is appealing. However, we thought it would be helpful for you to understand a host of issues that can arise during any roof replacement, but especially when you choose not to work with a professional. Working with a seasoned roofer is almost always a better option than attempting to DIY your own roof replacement. In case you need further convincing, consider the following issues that could arise.

DIY Roof Disasters

  1. Cold or Frozen
  2. Too hot and Uncomfortable
  3. Fall through
  4. Cause further damage
  5. Fall off a ladder
  6. Void the warranty
  7. Don’t have the insurance to cover any helpers or hired hands
  8. Do you know safety hazards like where to hold a saw?
  9. You could overheat your iPhone
  10. Nailing shingles improperly could cause more leaks in your home

Dealing with Extreme Cold

Not only is it uncomfortable when the weather is extremely cold, but it can be incredibly dangerous for someone who is not used to working on a roof. It’s possible that different areas of the roof freeze differently, so unexpectedly slipping across a section of the roof could be catastrophic.

Too Hot

Ask any roofer what they wear on the hottest days of summer and they may surprise you. Rather than shorts and tees, they’ll generally wear jeans and long sleeves to protect themselves from the heat radiating from the dark shingles. Even the shingles that are made to reflect the heat can present a hazard in the hot weather.

Create a Hole

Sure, we’ve seen the comedic skits that show a person falling through the layers of their home, starting with the roof. Not only is this dangerous, but it also presents bigger damage to your roof! Plus, this is the type of damage that would need to be addressed by a professional, so you could end up with a higher expense than you would have in the first place choosing a pro.

Cause Further Damage

All our estimators, project managers, and crew members are carefully trained to walk across a roof and navigate around any pain points. Not only could you cause damage like puncturing a nail hole where it shouldn’t be, but what if you missed damage that needed to be repaired without looking at the roof with a critical eye. In homeowner horror stories, we’ve heard of persistent leaks that really require a professional to identify and repair or replace.

Fall Off Ladder

Have you ever fallen from a height? It can be incredibly dangerous. Our crews have years of experience working with ladders and safety gear to reach the heights of a roof. In fact, we use cameras to take photos instead of bringing homeowners on the roof at all. Numerous hazards make it better for only professionals to be on the roof.

Void the Warranty

Even roofing companies know that working without a certification can void a manufacturer’s warranty. If you attempt a repair or replacement outside the manufacturer’s specifications, you could end up with nothing when you need their help to pay in the future.

Don’t Have Insurance Coverage for Helpers

Replacing a roof is a big job and when you’re ready to put in the work, you won’t want to do it alone. In fact, all our crews have 2-4 workers, or even more. When a homeowner attempts to hire someone to help who is not a licensed contractors, it could be disastrous if they were injured on your property.

Safety Hazards and Expert Knowledge

Using power tools takes more than just beginner knowledge. Experts understand the exact hand positions that are required for strength and safety. Do you have a good handle on whether to use battery-powered tools or electric? These things can make a difference on each individual roof.

Overheat your Tools

Imagine a worst-case scenario. You’re dealing with sweltering weather, your ladder has shifted, and you can’t get off the roof. Now you check your iPhone to call a family member and it has overheated. You’re stuck until the mercy of the next person to come home! It’s important to either consider every outcome/issue, or to leave it to the hands of a PRO.

Too Many Nails Can Lead to Leaks

There are specific numbers of nails for each type of shingles. If you make a mistake and nail 6 per shingle instead of 4, you’ll have wasted time, money, and effort. Worse yet, every nail hole is an opportunity for water to enter the home. To avoid all this, pay careful attention to the manufacturer specs.

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