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Repair: Will it work?

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Understand what you can do to make sure the prescribed fix will actually stop your leak.

Always ask for photos of the damage

A picture speaks a thousand words. Every leak will have a direct cause that makes sense, and can normally be proven through pictures. It’s important for the contractor to take photos of the leak from inside the attic space and on the roof.

Between the two locations there should be at least one location that shows clear signs of a leak.

Signs of a leak could be water stains on the wood, rusty nails under the shingles or cracks and holes in the roofing material itself. Always ask to see the photos.

Check what the manufacturers are saying about repairs.

GAF and Certanteed are the two leading manufacturers in roofing material. Review some of their info to increase your knowledge base.

Two articles we recommend are GAF’s 5-Common Roof Errors, and Certainteed’s How To Inspect Your Roof.

Ask for references and check reviews

If a homeowner uses a contractor more than once, that is a good sign. Ask for a reference of someone who has used the company multiple times.

A good reference will be willing to discuss their recommendation. Call or email the references and ask about their experience. Take time to drive around and look at recent local projects.

You can also check online reviews. Remember, it’s best to check reviews from reputable sites such as Google, BBB, or Guild Quality.

Get a second opinion

Just like you would with a doctor, get a second opinion. Compare their reports and look for consistency.

When you have two or three contractors saying the exact same thing, you will know that your problem has been properly identified.

Take your time

With a roof repair, it is worth taking your time and doing your research. Understand what problem you have, and make sure that you are hiring a reputable pro. Your pro will be able to confirm your issue, and offer a fair price to repair it properly.

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