Roof Leaks and Your Family's Health: Avoid Mold Dangers

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A leaking roof can cause more than just cosmetic harm to your home. Leaks can lead to mold formation – and mold can cause a variety of health issues. If you see or smell mold, it is important to start remediation as soon as possible to save your health and your property. RoofPro understands these risks and wants to help get your home leak-free.

Why is Mold Bad?

Mold comes from fungus that is already typically found in the environment, even those places without overgrowth. There’s always a small amount of mold present in the air we breath, but it’s very dangerous in large quantities. According to Healthline, there are over 500 species of these types of mold and they can be difficult to detect without professional help.

If any of your family members have sensitive or compromised immune systems, or suffer from allergies or asthma, mold will greatly affect them. Black mold (or stachybotrys) releases mycotoxins into the air and causes health reactions such as wheezing, coughing, and runny noses even for those that are not sensitive to mold. Leak-proofing your home is essential if you or your family members suffer from any of these conditions.

Where Does Mold Grow?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggests checking doorways, windows, vents, and HVAC systems as a first line of mold defense. They also suggest fixing “any leaks in your home’s roof, walls, or plumbing so mold does not have moisture to grow”. You may also find mold in carpets, wallpaper, walls, wood and painted surfaces, floors, and anywhere that stays wet or damp, including bathrooms and basements. Mold can cling to your clothes and be brought into your home.

Not fixing a leaking roof provides a breeding ground for many types of mold spores to grow. Roofing contractors like RoofPro can help you with all aspects of roofing system leakage, but reaching out to trusted mold remediation services in your area is also recommended.

Stop Them from the Outside

Leaks do not typically happen without a little forewarning. You can see the symptoms well before they permeate your home. Missing shingles, buckling materials, and missing sealants around windows and chimneys are all signs that leaks are coming. Small leaks left undetected can turn into major issues.

Watermarks on your ceiling are another sign of leakage. These watermarks should be taken seriously because they do not occur until the moisture has made it through several layers of your roofing system. If you’re seeing the marks, the water is there and settling. Something that could have been fixed at the rooftop has now become a much more costly repair. Not only is your roof and ceiling at risk at this point, but the electrical system could also easily become compromised.

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Keep the Mold at Bay

With the proper maintenance, the probability of leaks can be greatly diminished. We always recommend at least a yearly inspection to combat the possibility of leaks and develop a customized plan. We offer roofing maintenance plans to care for all of your roofing needs. These are collaborative plans that involve two scheduled visits throughout the year. If this is too often for your needs, we can work out another timeline that fits you best. We’ll address minor issues on the spot and more extensive repairs will be discounted. Getting ahead of troubled areas and leaks is the best way to prevent the growth of mold.

Don’t Hesitate

The best way to keep mold away from your family and avoid health dangers is to not hesitate on home repairs. At RoofPro, the health and well being of our customers comes first. If you suspect mold or leaks, give us a call right away. We can be out to inspect the situation quickly and get a plan in place to protect your home and family from mold. Call us today at 410-428-6806 or contact us online. We offer free estimates to our customers in the Baltimore and Howard County areas.

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