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Roof Replacement Maryland: Should You File a Storm Damage Claim

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If you’re a homeowner, you likely have insurance on your home. You probably don’t think much about it month after month, but there’s a reason you pay those premiums. When a storm hits, don’t forget to use your coverage.

In Maryland, we experience a wide variety of weather events that can cause damage to your home’s siding or roof. We see rain, wind, hail, and snow on a regular basis. Filing a storm damage claim is essential to your repair process after the storm passes. Not only can you get your home repaired in record time, you may also be eligible for upgrades. Here are a few reasons why filing your insurance claim in a timely manner is a smart decision.

There’s Damage

If there is damage to your home, this is the perfect time to file your insurance claim. No amount of damage is too big or small to get an adjuster to inspect. When in doubt, just submit the claim. Damage may seem minimal to the untrained eye, but a professional can see far beyond what the average person can. There may be damage underneath your structure or invisible hazards that you aren’t aware of. Your agent will be able to help you determine if the estimate is enough to cover an actual claim. Regardless of the outcome, filing a claim is the smart way to go – and the sooner the better.

Act Fast

If you have your home exposed to the elements for any period of time, you are inviting in a wide array of problems. Water contact for any length of time can lead to foundation disrepair and even mold. There is also a time limit for filing a claim on most policies and you don’t want to fall outside that window. If you wait when you should be acting, you could be in breach of your policy’s timeline limits. Check with your individual insurance company for more information on the window of time you have to file a claim after storm damage.

Know Your Policy

The only way to know if your storm damage claim will be fairly covered is to be familiar with your policy. No two policies are the same. It’s important to know the particulars of what will and will not be covered during a claim. Also, research what your deductible will require for when the time comes to move forward with your claim. According to, some of the more important sections to understand are the declaration page, changes and renewals, coverage levels, policy terms, the sample declaration page, and the insuring agreement. Each of these sections details specific guidelines that can affect your storm damage coverage.

Know What Your Costs are Going to Be with Cost Vs. Value’s Estimates

The RoofPro Difference

RoofPro’s Restoration Team

After reviewing your policy, you still may be concerned about whether or not a storm damage claim is necessary. RoofPro understands that storm claims processes can be intimidating and stressful. To help ease stress, we have a team in place that specializes in providing our customers with a helping hand throughout the repair process. We have the experience to deploy emergency tarping that will satisfy your needs and the insurance company’s requirements. We will also start your estimate and even tell you if the damage meets insurance criteria.

Our restoration team works with you and for you to get the most out of your claims process. We can sit in on your phone call when you submit the claim. A member of our team can also accompany the insurance adjustor during their inspection process to ensure that no areas of damage are missed and that they are accounting for all of the things your home needs in order to be whole again. Our number one goal is to advocate on behalf of our customers so that they get what they need to repair their home in a safe and timely manner.

Our storm restoration team can be used with any weather event and is available 24/7 by calling 410-428-6806.

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Your Insurance Doesn’t Cover the Repairs

In some cases, there may be an extenuating circumstance that leaves you footing a portion of the bill after your insurance coverage. If you went with another roofing company, they may have missed portions of the estimate that ended up shorting you on the insurance process. If this was the case, you can ask to have the damage reevaluated by another contractor and get another insurance estimate. After this next review, you may get a different result from your insurance company. But if there is a second review and they come up with the same conclusion, it may be worth looking into RoofPro’s financing options.

We offer affordable roof replacements starting at just $89 per month or 0% financing. The approval process is fast and simple and can typically be done in less than 20 minutes. No down payment is necessary. We know that you need to get your storm damage repairs taken care of as soon as possible and we want to make that an affordable option for our Maryland and Washington area customers.

Let’s Chat

If you find yourself with any amount of storm damage, it is never too early to start the repair process. Our restoration team is here to help you every step of the way. We are experts in navigating the insurance process and can help you with everything from tarping to upgrades. RoofPro is a partner in your storm damage claim and we can help you understand the insurance process. Even if you’ve started the process with another company, we can pick things up and get your roof back on in no time. Give us a call today at 410-428-6806 or complete our simple online contact form and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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