Roofing FAQ: What to Do After a Hailstorm

Roofpro After Hailstorm Faq

Hailstorms can happen at any time and always catch homeowners off guard. According to StormerSite, Baltimore, MD had 10 hail reports within 10 miles of the city center in 2018. We know that our Baltimore and Washington metro area clients are no strangers to hail and what it means for your property. If you’re panicking about what a recent hailstorm means for your roof or your property, let the professionals at RoofPRO help you figure out a plan. Here are a few things you should think about doing after the storm passes.

Examine Your Property

It’s important to do an initial inspection to see if you can discern any damage sustained by your property. This inspection should include both gutters and shingles (or the roofing system you have in place). You might not be able to tell much from the ground level, but a thorough walk around your property will help you see if there is anything amiss. Keep an eye out for dented, broken, or otherwise damaged gutters, screens, and downspouts. Gutters are an easy way to gauge the storm’s impact to your roof. You may also be able to gauge the magnitude of possible roof damage from the look of your home’s siding. If the force of the hailstorm was enough to damage your siding, you’ll likely have some similar damage on your roof.

Take a Look from Above

If you are capable of getting up on your roof, look for damage to the shingles, metal, or the roofing material you have in place. Shingle damage often looks like erosion or areas missing granules. If you have a metal roof, hail damage may look like scrapes or dents. You should also be on the lookout for any dents or damage to your chimney, vents, or other features of your roof. Make sure to keep notes on everything you see or take photos to document what happened during the hailstorm.

Call Your Insurance Company

After you have surveyed the damage on your property, call your insurance company to begin the claims process. Your insurance company will have their own process for inspection and surveying that they will need to conduct in order to start your claim, but calling them starts the process for getting the necessary repairs to your home and property covered. It is important to start this process in a timely manner. Contact your insurance company to learn more about what to expect from an insurance standpoint.

Contact a Certified Roofer

Once you’ve called your insurance company, don’t forget to provide them with information on your preferred roofing contractor. It is important that you use a company that has a dependable reputation and the experience to provide you with the professional repairs you need after a hailstorm. RoofPRO has many years of experience dealing with the aftermath of hail. Our professional roofing team has dealt with hailstorm damage for homes and businesses in Howard County and the entire Maryland area. Call us today for a free estimate on repairing your home or business after a hailstorm.

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