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Roofing Installation: How the Right Roof Improves Your Home Ventilation

Roofpro Roofing Installation How Right Roof Improves Home Ventilation

There are many things you can do to improve your home’s ventilation. Investing in new exhaust fans, having vents cleaned regularly, and opening doors and windows on temperate days are all great ways to get some clean air flowing. But you might not know that your roof can actually play a major role in improving your home’s ventilation as well.

Why Ventilation Matters

If you’re a homeowner, you’re probably aware of the importance of ventilation, even if you’re not exactly sure why it matters. For one thing, ventilation matters for every person living and breathing inside the home. We inhale and exhale to let air in and out of our bodies. The purer this air, the better it is for our lungs and blood cells. Poor ventilation allows pollutants to build up in the stale air. Breathing in this unclear air on a regular basis can lead to respiratory health problems.

Aside from your health, ventilation also helps homes maintain a comfortable, dry climate throughout the year. Intake vents let cooler air enter from outside, thereby pushing the warm, moist air out via exhaust vents, preventing things like mold and rot. Just like we need to breathe to let the good in and push the bad out, so do our homes. By letting moisture out, the roof itself also maintains its integrity and remains durable throughout all temperatures and weather conditions.

How Roofs can Enhance Home Ventilation

Roofs actually offer one of the best ways to improve home ventilation. Of course, this depends on the quality of roof installation, as well as the additional steps taken to ensure good airflow, such as the installation of ridge vents. These vents are placed along the very top of the roof (the ridge) and ideally include an external baffle. This component lets the outside wind suck out hot air from the attic space due to air pressure differentials.

This attic ventilation is key for maintaining a healthy, comfortable climate in the home. Hot air rises. This means that, eventually, all of this air will get trapped in the attic space if it cannot leave. The only thing above the attic is the roof, and a roof is what ultimately encloses the top of a home. It only makes sense, then, that roofs offer the ideal location for these exhaust vents.

What Roof Material Allows for The Best Ventilation?

When it comes to installing a new roof and ventilation system, there are many materials to choose from. Of course, in order to improve your home’s ventilation, you want to choose the material that’s best suited for it. While any type of roof can be installed with proper roof ventilation systems, many professionals recommend traditional asphalt shingle roofing. This commonly used material is cost-effective, relatively durable, and allows for good ventilation and easy installation.

Let Your Home Breathe Better with RoofPRO

At RoofPRO, we don’t just understand the importance of good home ventilation, our professional roofing contractors have the tools and knowledge to help your home and your family breathe better than ever. For more information on our services, call us today at (410)-428-6806!

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