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Roofing Installation: Tools We Use

Roofpro Baltimore Washington Roofing Tools We Use

In many ways, roofing is a niche industry and a mystery to many people. Have you ever wondered how companies like RoofPro get the job done? In this post, we’ll shed a little bit of light into the world of roofing, especially on the tools necessary for us to provide Maryland with premier roofing services.

Because roof installation and repair are highly specialized activities, we always suggest hiring professional roofing contractors to complete the job. However, if you’re confident in your ability to complete your job and just need to know the tools to use, this blog could be helpful to you as well. We won’t mention every tool that we use for our roofing projects, but the following tools are some of the essentials.

Roofing Hammer

Roofing hammers (also known as roofing hatchets) are crucial to any roofing project. These tools usually have one end devoted to hammering nails and another end for cutting shingles. Some of the top quality roofing hammers will also have an adjustable gauge that allows for quick alignment of shingles.

Framing Square

Framing squares are crucial straightedges that aid in maintaining proper shingle alignment. As the name suggests, framing squares have a right angle that allows for multi-directional measurements and leveling on two planes. Framing squares are also useful for making straight cuts with a blade. Think two rulers joined together at a right angle.

Power Nailer

Power nailers may be the most essential tools for roof repair projects. These tools come in a wide variety of makes and models including battery-powered or compressor-powered. Regardless of the type of power nailer, these tools vastly accelerate any roofing project by transforming the nail driving process from a few seconds long to a split second. Power nailers save contractors a lot of sweat!

Roofing Shovel

Also known as a shingle ripper, this tool aids in shingle removal. Whether all the shingles need to come off, or only a section (perhaps to patch a leaky roof), the roofing shovel is a tool that saves a lot of time and energy when used properly. Because roofing shovels are actually able to pry up the nails that are holding the shingles in place, they are able to scrape multiple shingles off the roof in one sweep. This is a lot faster than having to remove shingles one by one with a hammer.

Pry Bar

A sturdy pry bar is a must for any roofer. This tool is essential for removing hard-to-budge nails, shingles, and even siding wall and stucco from the surface of the roof. Sometimes all you need is a little more leverage! Similar to power nailers, pry bars come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Roof Brackets

Roof brackets are pieces of safety material that provide roofers with an easier surface to stand on. Often used on extremely steep roofs, brackets can be installed and removed easily without leaving a mark on the roof. They provide roofers with a level standing surface and more space to rest. This is crucial as it keeps roofers safe and allows them to work on a roof for longer periods of time.

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Above are just some of the tools that RoofPro professional roofing contractors find helpful on the job. As always, feel free to contact RoofPro for all your roofing needs. Our contractors are standing by! Get a free quote today.

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