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Price: Is this a fair price? Third party research

Gutter Roof Repair Replacement Columbia Maryland

Use a cost value report from a third party organization to keep yourself from being overcharged by contractors.

How do you know if you are being charged fairly?

One of the best ways to discover the normal price for a roof repair or replacement would be to research what third party organizations report.

Searching for prices for roof services according to the Remodeling 2019 Cost vs. Value Report (Cost vs. Value report), is a great way to research pricing and know that you are getting an honest and trustworthy estimate. In this blog, we will discuss two organizations that give average prices for roof services. The first, Cost vs. Value report, is focused on roof replacements. The second, HomeAdvisor’s True Cost Guide, is focused on repairs.

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Roof replacement pricing

The Cost vs. Value report is generated from an organization that does extensive research to find standard industry pricing. This includes many household related projects.

They research the data pulled from contractors across the entire industry. Using this data, this organization can calculate the time, material and size of the projects to find accurate estimates.

Their report on a standard roof replacements estimates that a 3,000 square foot roof will cost $20,939. This breaks down to $697.97 per square (a “square = 100 square feet).

Keep in mind, this is for a standard house. The more complicated the roof, the more that the price will change.

Roof Replacements

Roof repair pricing

HomeAdvisor has also done extensive research for average pricing for roof repairs. Information provided by millions of homeowners on costs to complete their home improvement, maintenance and repair projects is collected.

These answers are added to extensive database of project profiles to help homeowners make the most informed decisions possible.

Roof repair pricing

As you can see, repair costs can range from $150-$4100. While this is a huge range, there are many factors that will affect the cost of a repair.

Simple repairs will cost less, such as a skylight leak due to failing shingles. However, a skylight leak caused by a seal failure in the skylight is much more complicating. The pricing increases based on complexity, time needed to complete, and items required to repair the roof properly.

For more information on roof repairs, see our other page: Repair, will it work? This page will help you verify that the proposed repair will actually fix your problem.

Know the costs Before you start on any roof replacement or repair, do your research. Understanding the costs that go into roof repairs and replacements will help you choose a fair and knowledgeable contractor.

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