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Roofing To-Dos: Don't Forget Your Snow Removal Plan

 Roof Pro Snow Removal

It may be well into February, but the end of winter is nowhere in sight. Winter in the Baltimore and Washington area can be brutal, so don’t make it any harder than it has to be by forgetting to execute a snow removal plan for your roof. You might not think a roof requires snow removal, but leaving snow on a roof for a long winter could be disastrous to your property and budget. Here are a few things that every homeowner needs to know about snow removal.

The Importance of Snow Removal

The most common problems that occur from snow on a roof are ice dams and excess weight that cause structural damage or collapse. These are devastating for the structural competency of your property. In addition, both of these roofing issues can be costly if not addressed in a timely manner.

Snow can be deceptively heavy. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, fresh snow can range from 3 pounds per square foot to 21 pounds per square foot. These ranges depend on the location and whether or not the snow is wet. Your roof should be cleared to ensure that it can withstand various weights of ice and snow throughout the winter months. Any accumulation of snow should not be left for a long period of time. Immediate clearing is always the best solution.

Also, once snow has accumulated on your roof, you are at an increased risk for developing ice dams. These pose a significant threat to the security and structure of your home. To mitigate these issues, you should have a snow removal plan in place with a certified and insured roofing contractor. This is the only way to know whether or not all of the snow has been properly removed and that your property is safe.

What is an Ice Dam?

The snow that accumulates on your roof has the potential to cause ice dams and icicles that can wreak havoc on your roof. Ice dams are ridges of ice that form along the edges or vents of a roof and that can prevent melting snow from draining off. The higher the ice dam, the more ice will form. This water and ice continues to accumulate until it is cleared. The heat from your home melts the snow on the roof – and when it has nowhere to go during freezing temperatures, it forms an ice dam.

Ice dams can be also be a byproduct of inadequate attic ventilation. Keeping the snow off your roof is imperative for preventing ice dams. A professional roofing company can evaluate your home for appropriate drainage and slope. Mitigation factors can also be applied to ensure that ice dams do not form even under the harshest of winter weather. The sooner you act, the better the chances that your home will avoid ice dams.

RoofPRO Can Help With Your Snow Removal Plan

Our professional team of roofing specialists understand the importance of having a snow removal plan in place for the long Baltimore and Washington metro area winters. Contact us today for a free estimate on our first visit. We will immediately consult with you on our findings and present snow removal recommendations for your home or business.

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