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Want Lower Roof Replacement Costs? File a Storm Damage Claim

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In Maryland, we are not immune to severe weather and storms. As a state with an active hurricane season, homeowners should invest in a comprehensive home insurance plan. As a roofing company, we often see the unfortunate effects of being underinsured or not insured at all. This is a costly mistake to make. Standard policies typically do not cover flooding, which is also common.

If you want lower roofing costs on your home, it is important to have a comprehensive home and flood insurance plan in place. At RoofPro, we fully recommend looking for a home insurance plan that can help you in the event of severe storms, hurricanes, hail, flooding, snow, or wind damage. Having insurance coverage will automatically lower your roofing replacement costs in the event of storm damage.

Roofing Replacement from Storm Damage

What is a Storm Claim?

A storm claim is the process by which your insurance company completes the necessary steps to help pay for damage to your home. According to Allstate, homeowners insurance typically covers water and ice damage, lightning strikes and power surges, as well as damage from wind, hail, and fallen trees. However, homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage. All of these fall within the realm of a storm claim, but depending on your policy, they may not be covered if you do not have additional coverages. Make sure to understand your coverages and limits before making a storm claim.

Regardless of your level of coverage, it is important to inform your insurance company about storm damage to your home. Insurance companies vary in their process for handling storm damage, but in most cases they will all send out an adjuster to work with you. Your storm claim can also include a storm restoration contractor. We offer this service at RoofPro because we want to lower your roof replacement costs. Our team works on your behalf to get the most out of your insurance policy and can assist you with the claim process to make the most out of your policy.

The Claims Process

Once you inform your insurance company of the damage incurred, they will typically send out an adjuster to inspect your home. This is the stage where it is important that your emergency tarping is already in place. Oftentimes, insurance companies will not even start the inspection process without tarping in place. At RoofPro, we offer emergency tarping services for this reason. We have an emergency crew in place to quickly come out to your home to place the tarp in order to mitigate further damage to your property.

Learn More: RoofPro’s Emergency Tarping Services

It is important for your contractor to complete their own inspection independent of the insurance company since insurance inspectors can easily overlook damage to important components of a roofing system. If you use our storm restoration services, we can also do an inspection with your adjuster. We are trained in the same estimating systems used by insurance adjusters. Since a roof is more than just shingles, we will work to make sure that the adjuster includes every necessary component in their findings.

Can the Contractor Come Out First?

Absolutely! RoofPro’s storm restoration team specializes in storm claims. A restoration team contractor can offer an initial inspection free of charge in order to help you determine whether or not your insurance can even be used to help with the needed repairs.

We know how to get the best value in your restoration process. After we inspect your property from the inside out, we can join you as you place your claim (if you would like). During that time, we can relay our findings to the adjuster. This could help expedite the payment process. Also, by accompanying your adjuster during their inspection, we are able to maximize your insurance claim payout for all of your roofing material and supply needs.

We will work in partnership with the insurance company to make sure your home is receiving its top estimated value for repairs and upgrades. We’re happy to provide an extra set of eyes to ensure that the adjuster doesn’t miss any key elements in the restoration process.

Restoring Your Home

As an included service during your claims and restoration process, we will make sure that your restoration process includes upgrades with proper building codes. If you have an older home, it currently may not be up to code. We will work to make sure that your adjuster includes the necessary upgrades to get your home in the right place. You should be able to qualify for this insurance upgrade.

With all of the upgrades and repairs approved with your insurance company, we will begin the restoration process. You will receive a certified and professional installation that adheres to the appropriate manufacturer warranty guidelines. Our restoration process always includes a free, no obligation estimate, our team advocating through the claims process, building code upgrades, high wind warranty, and financing for your deductible. We only work with the best supply manufacturers to get you the best quality and value. By becoming GAF warranty certified, for example, we are able to pass along the savings that roofing with a warranty can bring.

Learn More About the GAF System Warranty

We Can Help

Our full-service storm restoration process simply cannot be beat. We are your Baltimore and Washington area trusted roofing professionals. RoofPro’s technicians are highly qualified. We are licensed, bonded, insured, and certified by all of the nation's leading manufacturers. Our company is local to the Baltimore area. We aren’t just a storm-chasing company from out of state. We live and work in the area and make ourselves completely accessible to you.

Give our storm restoration team a call any time. If you are local to us, we can be out to your home quickly to start the storm damage restoration and claim process. You don’t have to face this situation alone.

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