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What to Do After a Weather Event with Roof Damage

 Roof Pro Maryland Baltimore Weather Damage Repair

Maryland sees a variety of weather events throughout the year, including heavy thunderstorms and snow, and an average of 111 days of rainfall per year. With this amount of precipitation, your roof needs to be ready to endure the worst. More than any other part of your home, your roof takes the biggest beating from the elements. Temperamental weather does a number on your roof and the blazing summer sun can warp or crack it.

If you’ve had a recent weather event, there is a series of steps you should take to ensure quick repair and to lessen the chance of further damage to your property. RoofPro understands this process and wants to help you get the repairs you need in the quickest way possible.

The Hazards of Rain

The Maryland climate will put your roof to the ultimate test. If your previous contractor completed a haphazard job, your home can be at an increased risk. Our storms vary: heavy winds, rains, hail, and sometimes all three. Despite your roofing material, rain can be a big problem when it seeps under the roofing. Wind can lift and blow off shingles. High winds followed by rain is the perfect mix of disastrous conditions to do maximum damage to your home. Hail is also a threat to the validity or your roof. It can literally knock off portions of your roofing material or make holes in the roof depending on the size.

RoofPro is always ready to help you with repairs if these weather events ever cause major damage to your home.

The Quiet Danger

Maryland also sees plenty of snow, a weather condition that is deceptively dangerous. You won’t know the full extent of the damage until the snow begins to melt, which could take a long time in the Baltimore winter. Because of this, you need to have a plan in place for removing snow before it becomes disastrous.

Watch out for ridges of ice forming along the edges or vents of a roof. These are called ice dams and once they form, the water will be trapped on the roof even if the snow starts to melt. Ice dams don’t typically clear on their own and should be removed by a professional.

Don’t be fooled by the winter. Roofing damage can occur with any weather event during any time of the year.

Learn More about Snow Removal Plans

Call Our Disaster Team

At RoofPro, we offer customers access to our emergency crew to alleviate the stress of handling a weather event on their own. If you find yourself in a situation that requires emergency roofing services, give our crew a call at (410) 428-6806. We are available day and night to help you secure your home from further damage with our professional tarping services. Our storm restoration crew is made up of our most experienced team members who know how to get the maximum amount on your insurance claim without the hassle. We will even let you know if there is enough damage or any reason to submit a claim prior to dealing with the insurance company.

Protect Your Property (Tarping)

If your home has been hit with a damaging weather event, get an emergency tarp in place before you do anything else. Delaying this important step only makes the damage worse for your home. Some insurance companies won’t even start the claims process prior to tarping. This process is important since it can take a roofing contractor an average of five business days to get a crew out to fix your roof. Depending on the extent of your roof damage, you may need a small portion or the entire roof covered. A tarp may also be required on the siding of your home.

At RoofPro, we are experienced in providing effective emergency tarping by securing tarps with wooden planks. Each tarp is expertly laid flat to prevent any water leakage. We can also provide an estimate for the repair while we are securing the tarp. This helps speed up the insurance process. We always work with our clients to make sure they are getting the most out of their insurance benefits, including any necessary upgrades.

RoofPro’s Emergency Roof Repair

Call the Insurance Company

Contacting your insurance company is a crucial step in the repair process. They will need to send out their own estimator to assess the damage. A RoofPro team can also accompany the insurance adjustor to ensure that all damage is accounted for. Oftentimes, adjustors are not as experienced at noticing the intricacies of a roofing system. At RoofPro, we share our findings with the insurance company so that you get the coverage you deserve. Our team has years of experience working with insurance companies to get our customers the maximum claim for repairs and upgrades to their storm-damaged homes.

Choosing a Contractor

If you have worked with our emergency crew, you don’t necessarily have to choose us to complete your repairs. Best practices say that you should interview at least three companies before making your decision. Make sure that the company you use is certified and experienced in the types of repairs you need. We are the Baltimore and Washington area’s local roofing experts. We know this area and completely understand the weather events that cause the most damage to our community.

We Want to Help

Since 2003, our crews have been dedicated to providing the highest quality roofing services to Howard County, MD and the surrounding areas. We are prepared to help you repair your home if and when disaster strikes. Our emergency repair crew is on standby to help you. Give us a call today to get immediate help, or complete our online contact form for less urgent requests.

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