Roof Inspection and Certification

Roofpro Inspection Roof Repair Certification Severn Md

Inspections and Certifications

From the inside to the outside, we evaluate your roof, attic, flashing and every other component to your roofing system and report our findings with pictures and detailed descriptions as needed.

Types of Inspection

Repair Inspection

We inspect your home regarding a specific area of damage that you have directed us to inspect. We then write you an estimate for repair. This type of repair inspection is free of charge.

Roof Repair Inspection

Inspection For Roof Certification

A roof certification document stating the existing condition of the roof and life expectancy. Typically used when someone is either selling or buying a home where the other party involved requires a licensed roofer to certify the condition of the roof.

Inspection For Roof Certification

Report Inspection

The in-depth inspection of your entire roof system. We provide pictures and a report of the overall condition. Prices vary depending on the size, location and detailed required for the inspection. If hired after inspection, the fee is waived.

Report Inspection

What We Inspect

  1. Living area - This will help us identify the general location of the leak.
  2. Attic space - Enabling us to find the exact location of the leak where it is entering from the roof and also check parts of the ventilation system.
  3. Attic ventilation system - Evaluating what type of system exists and how it is performing.
  4. Gutters - Identifying the condition in relations to how it is secured, transition from the roof and flow of water.
  5. Flashings at penetrations - Looking for any deterioration and aging of material or damage.
  6. Condition of material - Inspecting the shingles and membrane to determine the remaining life expectancy.
  7. Valleys, peaks, etc. - Looking at sensitive areas on the roof system for rapid aging, poor installation or any maintenance needed.

Glossary of Roofing Terms

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