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Roofing Services

If you are a Maryland home or business owner looking for roofing repair and replacement services, RoofPro has you covered.

Roofing Services We Offer

We offer a variety of roofing repair and replacement services, including:

Roof Replacement Services: Depending on the extent of damage or wear and tear, it may be time to replace your roofing completely. Our experts can help you assess your needs, and explore your options.

Roof Repair Services: Periodic roofing repairs are a part of home ownership and can help you extend the overall life of your roof.

Commercial Roofing Replacement: Commercial roofing has unique installation considerations. Our roofers will help plan and complete roofing replacement without interrupting business or harming productivity.

Emergency Tarping: If your roof has been unexpectedly damaged, RoofPRO can provide emergency tarping assistance to cover and contain the damaged area.

New Roof Installation: If you are building or remodeling a new home, new roof installation is an essential part of the process. Learn what to expect and what to consider from the experts at RoofPRO.

Emergency Roof Repair: Storm damage, fallen trees, and moisture can all cause damage to your roof that needs to be repaired right away. Call RoofPRO for peace of mind when you need emergency roof repair,

Air Sealing and Attic Insulation: Proper air sealing and attic insulation can improve your heating and cooling and help you save on energy costs. RoofPRO can help identify problem areas and seal them properly for a more energy-efficient home.

Protective Roof Covering: Explore your options for protective roof coverings that meet your budget and add longevity to your roof.

Skylight Installation, Repair, and Replacement: Bring beautiful natural light into your home with professional skylight installation from RoofPRO. We can also repair or replace existing skylights so you can continue to enjoy every room in your home.

Roof and Attic Ventilation: Is your home too hot or too cold? RoofPRO can help identify problem areas in your roof and attic ventilation so you can find solutions.

Sun Tunnels and Solatubes: Though they are smaller and more subtle than traditional skylights, Sun Tunnels and Solatubes are another great option to bring natural light into a room and help you save on energy costs.

HOA/Property Management Roofing Services: We are here to help your HOA or Property Management company when it comes time to repair or replace roofing in your subdivision, development, or apartment complex.

Storm Damage Repair: Sleet, ice, heavy rain, snow – whatever the weather throws at your roofing, RoofPRO can help you right away with repairs and replacement.

Fair and Accurate Roofing Estimates

RoofPRO is ready to help you meet your residential or commercial roofing needs. We can be there whenever you need us, including emergency roof repair after a storm or a tree fall. Still have questions? Give us a call or contact us online for your roofing estimate today. We are a local Maryland roofer ready to work with you!