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Roofing Contractors in Columbia, MD: Decking Glossary

 Gutter Roof Repair Replacement Columbia Md


The wood that your roofing material is fastened to. This will typically come in two types of wood. Plank boards, which are 1”x6,” 1”x8” or 1”x12” boards or plywood, which can come in multiple thickness and types as listed below.


Another term used for the roof decking. The wood that your roofing material is fastened to.


Plywood comes in three main types; CDX, OSB and Dricon/FRT. The two main options when replacing a roof are CDX and OSB. Manufacturers recommend CDX.

CDX plywood & OSB plywood

CDX is a stronger, higher quality type of plywood that will continue to lay flat for many years. OSB is a lesser quality wood that has tendencies to sag over time, which will affect the quality and appearance of your roof. OSB is often used when someone is trying to cut corners or lower the cost of material.

Dricon/FRT plywood

FRT stands for Fire Retardant Treated. This is required by building code to be installed in places where two houses share the same wall.

Plywood clips

A small piece of metal that helps hold the sheets of plywood together so that they lay flat and stay in the right place. Without these in place the wood will sag and cause leaking in the future. Plywood clips are installed in between each attic truss.

Drip edge

Metal that helps transition between the edge of the shingles and the eave or rake of the house. It helps prevent wind driven rain from entering at the sides of the roof and it also helps to insure that water running off the eave goes directly into the gutter. Drip edge comes in multiple shapes, styles and colors.

Starter shingles

Shingles that are made specifically to fit under your top layer of shingles. They aren’t seen when the roof is finished but they are installed along the eaves and rakes of your house. They are required along the eave to prevent water from entering at the eave and along the rakes to increase the wind resistance of the shingles. They also offer a smoother look along the rake edge.


The angled edges of your house that come to a point at the top and over hang the sides of the house. Drip edge is used to transition from the shingles to the wood of the eaves.


The horizontal edges of the roof that overhang the walls. Typically where you will see the gutter attached and the soffit vent installed.

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