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Roofing Contractors in Columbia, MD: Flashing Glossary

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This is a term used to refer to any type of specifically designed roofing material needed to waterproof the transition of the main roof onto a wall, pipe or any type of roof penetration.

Pipe boot

This is the flashing that goes around the pipes in your roof. Designed with either a plastic or metal base and a rubber gasket to go around the pipe.

Valley flashing

Metal that is installed inside the valleys. This metal is typically exposed, adding a unique look to the roofing system. In some cases the metal flashing is installed underneath of the shingles in the valley to provide a smoother transition between the two sides.

Step flashing

Step flashing is an L shaped metal that is installed along walls, chimneys and skylights on pitched roofs. The step flashing creates a watertight transition between the roofing material and the wall. Step flashing will tuck behind siding or counter flashing.

Apron flashing

Similar to the step flashing except this L shaped metal runs along the roof on a horizontal plane. Used in scenarios where the pitched roof runs up and meets another wall running horizontally or on the top and bottom of skylights and chimneys. Apron flashing will tuck behind the siding or counter flashing.

Counter flashing

When step flashing or apron is installed along a wall or chimney but the wall is brick or stone and doesn’t have any siding on it, counter flashing will be installed. This flashing is custom bent on spot and will sometimes tuck into the mortar.

Roofing sealant or roof caulk

This is the waterproofing sealant that is installed along the top of counter flashing, to cover exposed nails or to help seal down shingles together. They come in different colors and qualities. The lesser the quality the quicker you will need to do maintenance on your roof.

Face nailing

In times when roofing material needs to be nailed down but there is no other roofing material that naturally covers over top of the nail, the nail is exposed and so we call this face nailing. This can be seen along your apron flashing and ridge vents. This is where the quality roof sealant comes in play to seal over the exposed nails providing a water tight system.

Fascia metal

Wood that runs along the eave or rake of the house is referred to as fascia. The wood will either be painted or covered in colored metal that matches the other colors on the house. Fascia metal prolongs the life of the wood and keeps you from having to do extra maintenance on your roof such as painting.

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