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Commercial Roofing Replacement Services

Commercial roof replacement Commercial Roof Replacement

Commercial Roofing Professionals you can Trust

In any business, speed is a key factor in driving consumer relationships. As your partner in exterior remodeling, you can count on RoofPRO of Maryland to meet both the agreed upon deadline, and to deliver on performance with a roof that protects against the elements. We understand that there are visual aesthetics that can only be upheld with a quality roof system and that many businesses store critical documents out of sight and require the peace of mind that comes from having a water-resistant barrier above them.

Since 2003, the RoofPRO team has completed professional work in the commercial roofing industry. We’ll work to get you the most efficient cover for your business without taking too much from your bottom line. Our expert roofing technician will be of use to help you determine a quote that matches your budget. In fact, if it’s more appropriate for your project, the RoofPRO team will assist you in choosing between a full roof replacement or repair.

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Examples of Roof Types:

When selecting your roof replacement, you’ll find a broad range of options available. Your considerations should include how weather will impact the duration of the roof, the weight it can bear, and how the material strength will perform for the lifetime of the roof. Not only are we able to install flat roofs that are typically a type of rubber, but also metal roof systems. The roof types that we service include:

TPO Roofing (AKA Thermoplastic Polyolefin) is a single membrane application without many layers. The type of welding used in the application tends to dictate which TPO seam and flashings are installed. Most commonly, TPO Roofing Systems are applied on commercial or industrial roofing systems.

EPDM or ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber is used for waterproofing roofs. EPDM is sold in black and white and a variety of widths in order to accomodate most commercial roofing jobs. It does not contaminate runoff rainwater.

Self-adhering Rolled Roofing is available for low-slope roof areas and is applied using LibertyⓇ systems from GAFⓇ. The self-adhering granule sheet can be guaranteed for up to 20 years. Customers and roofers agree that it is a superior choice to torch down roofing since it doesn’t require torches, open flames or hot asphalt.

Metal Roofing comes in large sheets and is suitable for a flat roof or a small pitch. Since metal roofs have a distinct curb appeal, but can be more costly than alternatives, working with a knowledgeable estimator is an important step to preserving the stability and longevity of your building. Your RoofPRO team can repair and/or install metal roof systems. Plus, some of our metal roof panels are made on site.

A bundle of Shingles is only as good as the installer. With RoofPRO, you can be confident that your quality shingles will be installed to the specifications of the manufacturer in order to uphold your valuable warranty. Our supplier relationships mean you’ll get the best value for the volume of work on your property.

Slate roofs are known for their longevity. These elegant, natural roofing systems make a visible statement and can even increase the property value. In fact, the long history of slate roofing stretches back to castles and cathedrals. Bringing a slate roofing system to your commercial property affords it sustainability and durability.

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Commercial Roofing Services Include:

    A Barrier for Your Business that you can Count On

    "I was most satisfied that they met my required schedule, they were timely, performed the work promptly, and everything was completed to my satisfaction."

    Bob M., Business Owner in Severn, MD

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    • Better Business Bureau
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    Commercial Roofing Replacement Services Commercial Roofing Replacement Services Commercial Roofing Replacement Services

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