Emergency Tarping

Emergency tarp over damaged roof Roof Repair Replacement Tarp Elkridge Md  Tarp Chimney Roof Repair Replacement Elkridge Md

Roofs in Maryland experience all kinds of inclement weather and can take on large amounts of damage over time. Due to longterm damage or sudden issues your roof may be exposed and compromised for a brief period of time. RoofPRO is proud to offer emergency tarping services to homeowners throughout Maryland.

Emergency Tarping

First, we will come out and survey the damage to your roof before deciding the best course of action. By tarping you will have peace of mind that your home is safe from the elements while you are waiting on your repairs. We will proceed by installing the tarp over the exposed area or over the entire roof, depending on the size of the situation. In addition to roof tarping we also can tarp any damaged siding on your house until the damage is repaired.

Emergency tarp over damaged roof Roof Repair Replacement Tarp Elkridge Md

Our tarps are fastened down by planks of wood that are secured to your roof. We ensure that our tarps are laid out flat to take away any possibilities of flapping or water leakage. If you are wavering between waiting to get your roof tarped after you know your insurance can cover it then go ahead and tarp your roof. The damage that can be done to an exposed roof will cost more than the repairs themselves. We recommend contacting our roofing professionals to line up a consultation and then contact your insurance provider immediately after.

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At RoofPRO we are committed to bringing high-quality repairs to your home's roof. Call us today to line up your consultation.

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