Protective Roof Coating


Have you ever heard the old saying: “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”? We agree! That’s why we are excited to offer high-quality roof coatings that often provide exactly the layer of protection you need to efficiently fix and prevent leaks. This can also extend the life of your roof by ten or twenty years, and sometimes longer!

One of the main reasons the field membranes of flat roofs (low slope) fail is because they lack protection from the sun's UV rays.

In short, they need a coating.

There are several different types of coatings, each one for a specific roof type. Some coatings lose flexibility, thin, or wear out and require re-application every four to five years. Others, on the other hand, can last fifty years. Different coats for different folks! But, imagine coating your roof with a product that sets into a sort of “one-piece” roof membrane and lasts for up to 50 years or more!

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Protective Roof Coating Protective Roof Coating Protective Roof Coating

Benefits and Features include:

  • Elimination of costly and time-consuming tear-offs, saving you labor costs and landfill expenses
  • No interruption of your normal business or personal life.
  • Life extension of your roof with innovative silicone technology which provides seamless weather-tight seal
  • GacoFlex S20* silicone coating even withstands permanent ponding water
  • Lower energy costs due to solar reflectivity as high as 88%, and 87% thermal emittance
  • Made in the USA, by a USA company, installed by a local USA company. Even NASA's rocket boosters are coated with Gaco. And it is petroleum free!
  • Professional factory certified employees
  • Up to 20-year Full System labor and material warranties, as well as 50-year material warranties from manufacturer
  • Coatings are considered maintenance and may be a tax write-off

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