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Air Sealing and Attic Insulation

Insulation job in attic Attic Insulation

Insulation Services

A properly insulated attic will help to regulate your home’s temperature, creating that “warm in the winter and cool in the summer” comfort. This also, of course, will save you money in the long run by decreasing your energy expenses.

The quality of your attic insulation, however, is of little consequence if there is not proper ventilation. Improper ventilation can result in a number of issues, including mold and a shortened lifespan for your roof.

Air Sealing

Along with making sure your attic is properly insulated is air sealing. Air sealing involves sealing up any air pockets around your home with insulation foam. In order to know where to apply the foam insulation, we first need to run a Comprehensive Home Energy Audit (CHEA). This test/report is run by a certified and third party CHEA company. This is a very detailed air test and audit to see what parts of your home are causing air to escape, decreasing your home's energy efficiency. For example, air escapes through every light outlet in your home. Sealing around each outlet in the attic is just one way to make your home more efficient.

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Air Sealing and Attic Insulation Air Sealing and Attic Insulation

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