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Fast and Simple Financing

In less than 20 minutes you could be approved for an interest-free loan!

We know that life happens, sometimes taking you and your financial plans by surprise. To help alleviate the stress that an unexpected repair can cause, we are excited to offer you the option of financing your project. Backed by the services of several of the nation's leading originators of renovation financing, RoofPRO can help you navigate your options.

Features we provide

(Certain conditions apply)

  • $89 monthly payments for roof replacements.
  • 0% interest for the first 12 months.
  • Quick and easy application.
  • You can manage your account and pay your bills online.
  • Able to use for small or large projects.

Application Process

In order to know for sure what options you qualify for, please follow these steps.

  1. Fill out the form on the right
  2. Select “continue application” and follow the steps on the next page.
  3. Upon approval, set the appointment with our representative to look over your project and call our office with any questions.

Common Financing Questions

Q. Do I need a down payment?

A. No down payment is necessary.

Q. How will I pay my bill?

A. Everything can be done online. A profile and login will be created where you can manage your payments.

Q. Can I finance a small project?

A. Yes, any project that is $1000 or more is a viable option for financing.

Q. What if I don't qualify?

A. There are options for having a co-applicant or you can could finance a portion of the project and pay the remainder out of pocket.

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Affordable Roof Replacements

As low as $89 per month or 0% financing

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Our Difference

We believe that a roof is more than a shingle, it's a system built of multiple components that when properly joined together with each unique essential facet will provide the longevity you need for your home. We bring you roof systems built to last, crafted with excellence and quality, a complete package from top to bottom.