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Skylight Installation, Repair or Replacement

House with natural skylight in it Skylight House

Here are a few questions for you. We call this The Skylight Test:

  • Do you love sunlight?
  • Do you love being able to find your favorite shirt without turning a light on?
  • Do you love fresh air?
  • Do you love lower energy costs?

If you answered “yes” to the above, a new skylight would be a great addition to your home. And, thanks to modern, updated designs, skylights are better than ever before and boast a spectrum of incredible features. We even offer blinds too so that you can choose exactly when and where that beautiful light floods in.

Are you ready for more good news?

The RoofPro team specializes in skylight installation, repairs and retrofitting. We can help! It also is important to note that if your roof is below a 4" pitch (a very minimal slope), an acrylic dome may be necessary.

Skylight Installation, Repair or Replacement Skylight Installation, Repair or Replacement Skylight Installation, Repair or Replacement Skylight Installation, Repair or Replacement

Skylight Installation

We seek out the highest-quality, most energy-efficient products available. Our advanced line of skylights can provide you with a pleasant experience that is both leak-free and worry-free! We also offer complementary products and accessories for any solution from installation right down to the finishing touches.

Skylight Repair

Do you have one of those pesky skylights that continues to leak? Your leak may be the result of faulty installation, damaged caulking, damaged flashing near the skylight, leaks from other parts of the home, faulty or damaged roof shingles, or even improper repairs. Let us help! Some skylights can be repaired, others must be replaced. Contact us today for a consultation, and begin enjoying your skylight today as it was intended to be.

Skylight Replacement

We have access to a full range of skylights to meet your needs. Quality craftsmanship and installation are a given; we do it right the first time!

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