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Storm Damage Repair

Storm damage repair work Roof Pro Storm Damage Repair Maryland

Did You Know That We Have an Insurance Restoration Division?

When your Maryland home experiences damage during a storm,we know that there are three top priorities on your mind:

  • Minimize and contain the damage
  • Communicate with your insurance company to receive all of the assistance and coverage you deserve
  • Find a local professional to help you repair (and even improve) your home

Our Insurance Restoration Division can offer all of the above, from emergency services to helping you navigate your insurance claim.

Why Choose RoofPRO To Help with Your Storm Damage Repair in Maryland?

  • As experienced roofers, we can identify damage from wind and hail that you may not have noticed otherwise
  • Our flexible team can work quickly to minimize any residual issues
  • We work with all insurance companies, maximizing the coverage you receive
  • We are a trusted, local, manufacturer-certified roofing company

Can You Miss Storm Damage?

Simply giving your home a quick, cursory check after a storm is not sufficient, and often results in overlooked issues. Not only does this put your home at greater risk, but it also means that you lose the opportunity to receive the coverage you deserve from your insurance company.

We can help you check all of your at-risk surfaces, including:

  • Shingles
  • Roof vents
  • Gutter systems
  • Skylights
  • Chimney covers
  • Impacted slate and metal roofing
  • ... and more!

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