Storm Restoration

RoofPRO is your Storm Restoration Destination

Even during the insurance process, it’s possible to miss critical details of exterior damage while going over storm inspections. In order to make sure you get the maximum claim, we’ll meet the insurance claim handler at your home for a worry-free inspection. We can cover exterior and hard-to-find leaks that plague bay windows. We also take care of manufacturer interior work related to roof leaks.

Have you experienced storm damage? Your RoofPRO team can help you:

  • Complete any storm mitigation from roof replacement or repair to gutters or siding
  • Work within local building code to make sure your restoration project meets all requirements
  • Get the reimbursement owed to you from your insurance

Insurance Claims

Few homeowners are aware that you can actually file an insurance claim up to one year after the initial event. Whether your area recently experienced a hail or wind storm or you’ve been waiting a while to see the signs of damage, it’s likely that your insurance company is already aware of possible damage.

Your RoofPRO team can help you determine how severe the damage is and if you should file for a repair or replacement. Plus we can carry out the actual work. As our team works together for seamless project coordination, you can be sure that no issues will go unnoticed.

For more information read: Frequently Asked Questions about Insurance Claims

Our Restoration Process

Prepare for your storm mitigation process by understanding these steps:

Initial inspection: we’ll walk through the damage and let you know if there’s a claim to be made.

Place the claim together: we will communicate the damage with you and your adjuster.

Protect while waiting: we will secure a tarp over any damaged or leaking areas to preserve your home.

Meet claim-handler: during the inspection we will advocate for you for the best possible value.

Restore your home: our crew will restore your home while the project management team confirms labor and manufacturer’s warranties.

Here's What Our Insurance Estimator Looks For

  • Loss of granules
  • Shingles damaged by hail
  • Lifting shingles
  • Dented gutters and flashing

Manufacturers Who Stand Behind their Warranty

A good restoration company understands the process

We will work with your insurance company and the manufacturer on your behalf!

While each manufacturer has its own warranty, we have taken the time to become certified with the major companies in the industry. We can understand the job so that we order the correct materials and then efficiently apply them to your roof. It’s our job to identify if a repair or replacement would be best for each roof. We’ve got you covered!

What is not covered

In certain situations roofing companies (not RoofPRO) move into the area after a heavy storm to capitalize on the additional work. The problem is that they may not even show up to do the work after they have cashed your check! Obviously this type of scam is terrible. In other cases these “Storm Chasers” do the work, but then when a warranty issue pops up they have already moved on. They may change names or numbers and they will not be available when you need them.

Think again and hire a reputable roofer like RoofPRO.

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