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Colesville is a beautiful part of Maryland. While it is technically an unincorporated area, the proximity to Silver Spring, Maryland means it is sometimes mistaken for a Silver Spring neighborhood. But this is not the case! Colesville is a thriving land that contains rivers, farms, and parks. President Franklin Pierce owned land in Colesville in 1855, so it even has a presidential seal of approval!

If you live in Colesville and own a home, the certified roofers at RoofPRO, LLC want to be the home experts for you. We can repair and replace a variety of different house features, and we will do so with the skill and efficiency only professionals can provide.


If you have any questions or concerns about your roof, call us right away! We will come out to complete a roof inspection and give you a quote and a description of services we find necessary. In some instances, it may be a simple repair job. If it appears that your roof needs to be replaced, however, we can help you through every step of a roof replacement.

For some of you, roof maintenance might not really be on your radar. That is common. But regular roof maintenance can help fix minor issues before they turn into big problems, thus potentially prolonging the life of your roof. As an added bonus to you, RoofPRO offers roof maintenance plans so you can rest easy knowing your roof is being properly and regularly attended to and not hiding any nasty surprises.


Your siding does a lot more than just cover your house – it provides protection from the elements, aids in curb appeal, and more! The certified roofers at RoofPRO know that you need your siding to be at its best, and we want to help you get there. In some instances, broken siding can be repaired. In other cases, all of the siding must be replaced. How do you know if your siding is in need of replacement or repair? Consider these issues:

  • Missing nails – this could be a sign your siding is warped or growing weaker with age.
  • Peeling paint – this can be a sign of aging wood.
  • Water damage – this looks like dark patches on your siding and should be addressed immediately, before it causes dry rot or other issues.
  • Insect damage – decay in the wood, caused by carpenter ants, bees, or termites.

If you find yourself facing any of the above problems, contact us for a quote today.


Much like your siding, your gutters offer a vitally important service to the quality of your home. The main purpose of gutters is to draw water away from your home so it can’t cause any damage. This water could be from rain or melting snow. Heavy buildup of leaves or ice can prevent your gutters from working correctly. Our experts can inspect your gutters and let you know if they require replacement or repairs.

So don’t delay, Colesville residents! RoofPRO experts are waiting to handle your house problems. Contact us for a quote today!

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